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We create your own enterprise business applications

At Botdiv.com, we are passionate about technology. Our clients come to us seeking customized, skillfully crafted business applications.


We don’t come up with standard solutions. Our clients work with us to find creative, original ideas that can be successfully


At Botdiv.com, we take time to get to know our clients, their company, and how we can turn their problem into a solution. We are acutely adept at bridging the gap between business and technology.


We create an actionable strategy with specific deliverables to ensure our client success. It’s imperative to work with a software consultant who truly delivers measurable results

What services does a Software Development company provide?

Web Design and Development

It includes the layout design for the website and building the blueprint. Web development comprises converting the design into a functional application. Web apps do not require customers to download an application – they are easily accessible on the browser. Software companies have an excellent knowledge of web development for different industries.

Custom Software Development

It involves a comprehensive software development process. The company identifies the need, develops the software, conducts testing, and launches it to the market. Custom software is specific to every company unless it wants to sell the solution as a SaaS product. There are development teams that write the code for such products and maintain them after the deployment

Systems Integration

A variety of techniques are used to integrate these components, including business process management, networking and even manual programming. The goals of systems integration include improving product performance and quality as well as reducing response times and operational costs.

IT Consulting Services

Companies may need consulting for their existing products, upgrading the product version, redesigning the IT solution from scratch, and more. IT consultants help the business reach its goals and achieve IT objectives through technical consulting, support and maintenance, networking systems, and IT functions management.